Why overpay to have your tax returns prepared when you can have a professional prepare your Form 1040 for just $74.95? 

No one understands the impact taxes have on your retirement plan, investments and retirement accounts like the professionals at Arbor Retirement Solutions.

For $74,95 we will provide: 

  • Fast & Accurate tax preperation
  • A review of how the 2018 tax law changes will impact you
  • A tax analysis on your retirement & investment accounts 

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Please note, $74.95 tax returns are available for new clients ages 50 and over. They are limited to schedules A, B and D for Arizona and federal filing. Additional schedules and more complex returns may have an increased cost.

Tax preparation offered through Arbor Financial & Tax, PLLC, Warner Enterprises, Inc and other affiliates. 

tax Planning Services

A CPA Personal Financial Specialist is up to date about constantly changing tax laws so they can provide prudent, year-round tax planning counsel, including: 

  • Designing strategies you can follow throughout the year to reduce your taxes. 
  • Clarifying the impact of the latest tax laws and legislation. 
  • Identifying the long and short-term tax consequences of your investment and financial decisions, and advising you on the steps you can take to reduce your future tax liability. 


A Taxing Retirement Impact 

How do we improve retirement plans with our tax expertise? 

  • Tax based asset allocation strategies between tax deferred accounts like IRAs, tax free accounts like Roth IRAs, and taxable accounts.
  • Tax cost analysis and tactical holding analysis on investments. 
  • Tax loss & gain harvesting strategies.
  • Required Minimum Distribution Planning. 
  • Roth Conversion Planning. 
  • Social Security Planning. 
  • Retirement plan driven income tax planning. 
  • Long-term care tax planning.