We know you have options, which is why it means so much to us when you choose us to be your financial professionals. There are so many options available, it's almost impossible to know which option is truly best for you and your family. Sometimes it's best to get past the traditional marketing and just say, "this is why our clients work with us, this is what makes our firm different".

Here are a few reasons our clients have chosen us:

  • We are not a transaction based firm. While we do offer insurance solutions as part of our full planning services, we design portfolios with low cost, high result solutions that don't involve commissions. Put simply, we don't churn accounts, which we consider ethically questionable.
  • Speaking of ethics, we are bound to the AICPA code of conduct because we are a registered with the Arizona State Board of Accountancy. The AICPA holds one of the highest quality code of conduct standards in the country.
  • We strive to quantify as much as possible. Have you ever left a meeting with your financial professional and felt like the cloud of confusion just got worse? Did you hear the words "Just trust me"? Maybe for once...you would like to really know what your paying in your investment portfolio and where that money is going. in Wonder no more.. We quantify as many pieces of your plan as possibly to create a level of transparency that will exceed your expectations.
  • We build your investment plan in our office, unique to you. We don't necessarily think it's always bad to have a third party company manage your investments, but we do believe that you can receive a more intimate and comprehensive plan & service by working directly with people who are ACTUALLY managing it. Many financial advisers are just "asset collectors". They outsource the actual management to another registered investment firm.
  • We interact, educate and work with our clients. One of the most important steps of our investment planning process is to involve you. Is there anything you see with the plan that makes you nervous? Is there an opportunity you are familiar with that you would like us to try and appropriately build into your portfolio? We work very hard to build and monitor the most approximate plan for you and that means involving you and working with you. We make it a point to keep "professional arrogance" away from Arbor.
  • Our presentations are just different. Sick of shifting through 100 pages of redundant data (the financial plan) that keeps telling you why you aren't saving enough? Perhaps there is a more graceful way to discuss your financial future? We go the extra effort to build a custom presentation that you actually watch in our presentation area, couches n' all. This matters because the delivery enhances your understanding. You deserve to be excited about your financial future.
  • We are both a Registered Investment Advisory firm and a Certified Public Accounting firm.